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Interview with Minister of Energy and Minerals, South Africa
by Prudence M
Africa / US Energy Ministerial Conference & Women in Energy

Durban, South Africa •• Dec. 15, 2000 •• SolarQuest® iNet News Service •• After much trying and failing, I at last managed to get at a 5 minute interview with our Minister of Energy and Minerals, and the host of the conference, Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka.

Q:What are you hoping the outcome of this conference will be?
A: I'm certainly hoping that all the recommendations that we have heard will be implemented. We hope that there will be better policy-making and hope to see projects implemented. We have lots of information that can be used for the implementation of projects.

Q: What significant role are the U.S Ministers and delegates playing in this whole coming and working together of the U.S with Africa in Energy issues?
A: They are responsible for starting this relationship and wanting to help Africa. The United States is very well suited for this as they are a country that has the capacity, they have better access to technology and they are a successful country.

Q:Throughout the conference, it seems that a lot of emphasis is being placed on rural Africa, is South Africa also at the receiving end of the U.S's help?
A: Oh yes, we have 3 million people in South Africa who do not have any form of electrification, mostly the people out in the rural areas, so even though South Africa is slightly more developed than the other African countries,we also need a lot of help and the U.S has not excluded us out of it's attention.

Q: Has the private sector been very supportive in the area of financial assistance?
A: Yes, they have. They've participated extensively in this
conference and they are doing their best to help.

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