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 School: US / Africa Energy Ministers Conference
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 Quest 03: Introductions, Preparation and Evaluation (Reporters)

This quest will provide opportunities for iNet News Team members to tell readers about themselves, to prepare for and ultimately evaluate the US-Africa Energy Ministers Conference.

iNet News Team ("iNNT") members are asked to review the tasks below and respond accordingly.

Once approved by the Manager, iNNT reports will be published and accessible to the general public.

Tasks for this Quest (#reports)
01 Introducing the iNet News Team Members (11)
02 iNet News Team Vision and Commentaries (2)
03 Questions for the Energy Ministers (8)
04 Evaluation (0)
Students/Reporters registered for this Quest • Erika A. • Andrew B. • Lisa Deaderick • Mavis Donkor • Chaundra Frierson • Ethel Johnson • Linsey McDaniel • Mitchell M. • Titi O. • Carsceal Turner • Mayard Williams
Quest Author: iNet News Manager Location: Tucson, AZ Begin Date: 11/23/1999 • End Date: 12/18/1999

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