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School: Africa / US Energy Ministerial Conference & Women in Energy • Quest 2: Women in Energy • Task 1: Reporting on Women in Energy Conference
updated 12/11/2000 9:09:00 AM by Robyn L.
Report: Robyn Leslie joins the iNet News Team
My name is Robyn Leslie, and I am a 2000 Matriculant from Durban Girls College. Next year I will be travelling down to UCT to study Geographical Science and Politics. For the next week I will be reporting on the US-Africa Energy Ministerial - an event which will focuss on energy issues such as the empowerment of women in Africa through energy. An attempt to find solutions to the energy problems facing Africa will be made during this week.

This conference is of great interest to me as I will be studying many of the issues to be discussed in my course next year. It is also a great and perhaps unique oppurtunity to meet and interview a few prominent personalties from around Africa, which I find an exciting if somewhat daunting prospect!

I love writing and enjoy meeting people, so this will not only be valuable work experience, but something I will be looking forward to being a part of.

Robyn Leslie at the computer

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