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School: Africa / US Energy Ministerial Conference & Women in Energy • Quest 2: Women in Energy • Task 1: Reporting on Women in Energy Conference
updated 12/11/2000 5:38:00 AM by Reggie N.
Report: Reggie Ngcobo's report
My name is Reggie Ngcobo and I live at Umlazi Township,Durban South Africa. I have started my primary education at Amandawe Primary School and I proceeded to Khalipha H.P School and I have finished my matriculation at Okumhlophe High School.

I have currently finished my Diploma in Journalism at M.L Sultan Technikon in Durban South Africa. I hope to be one of the best journalists in future.

I am intending to do a Bachelor of Technology in Journalism.
I also like to work with the community. I am also involved in lot of community projects.

I am a team player. I like to work with people from all walks of life. I like travelling. My hobbies are playing soccer, watching movies and reading. My role model is my mother.


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