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School: Africa / US Energy Ministerial Conference & Women in Energy • Quest 2: Women in Energy • Task 1: Reporting on Women in Energy Conference
updated 12/13/2000 1:03:00 AM by zanele z.
Report: zanele joins the team
I'm Zanele Zungu,23-years old final year journalism student AT M L Sultan Technikon in Durban.
Currently a general news reporter on freelance basis at Independent Newspapers,the Daily News,Durban-South Africa.
Before I joined the Daily News I was involved at one of the community radio stations on voluntary basis to compile and read news bulletin .
Well I was born and bred in KwaZulu-Natal province.

Attending this conference has broaden my knowledge regarding the energy sector. The most challenging aspects so far are the issues facing women in the sector.

Their involvement in the decision making process,health risk
etc.discussions made it clear that this aspects leaves so much to be desired and has higlighted the plight women are still facing.
It is clear that though women in the past had earned themselves some recognition in some quotas but there is still a long way to go and they are still stumbling along the path.


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