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 School: US / Africa Energy Ministers Conference Tucson, AZ 1999 Events
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This virtual school has been established to facilitate communication for the Africa Energy Ministers Conference in Tucson, Arizona, held on December 13-15, 1999.

Virtual attendees from around the world are invited to view reports of the event written by the iNet News Team and to submit your own comments on the subjects of the conference.

The U.S. Department of Energy has sponsored college students from HBCU's to attend the event and serve on the iNet News Team.

Reports from the Press:

Check out the Quests below to follow the activities of the iNet News Team. Where indicated, the general public is welcome to submit comments as well.

Q#Quest (#tasks)DateQuest Author
01 Applications for iNet News Team Participants (Closed) (1) 10/22/1999iNet News Manager
02 Background Information on African Energy Issues (Public) (1) 10/22/2000iNet News Manager
03 Introductions, Preparation and Evaluation (Reporters) (4) 11/23/1999iNet News Manager
04 Commentary from Around the World (Public) (1) 12/1/1999iNet News Manager
05 Interviews with Energy Ministers (5) 12/13/1999iNet News Manager
06 Interviews with Sponsors, Exhibitors, Delegates (5) 12/9/1999iNet News Manager
07 Activities at the Energy Ministers Conference (1) 12/14/1999iNet News Manager
 U.S. Department of Energy

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