Village Power 2000
Uganda 1999 Mission Itinerary


The Eagle has landed!

The journey be long!
The dream be bear
The vision be at hand
The wait be an eternity
The day be forever
The excitement be all around
The nervousness be real
The destination be here
The hope becomes a reality
The world becomes conquerable
The culture becomes present
The mission becomes alive
I become "energized"

- Gary Slifkey

  • July 29: Ugandan Young People Join Group Meeting with First Lady, Janet Museveni. Travel to Kitara, Install Solar at Homeless Center. Night Visit to Market Lit by Kerosene. (Overnight Namirembe Guest House.)

    At this event, First Lady Mrs. Museveni sent an email to First Lady Hillary Clinton

    The Team in Action by Lake Victoria

  • July 30: Travel to Mityana, Complete Solar Installation of a School Ceremony. Presenting Solar to First Lady & American Ambassador. Travel to Masaka. (Overnight Kitovu Guest House, Masaka.)
    More Photographs

  • July 31: Travel to Bigada Parish, School Solar Installation. (Overnight Kitovu Guest House, Masaka.)

  • AUGUST 1: Service at Katigonda RC Seminary, Travel to Kigezi, Guest of Bishop Rukirende, Various Solar Installations. (Overnight at Kabale, Kigezi.)
"The Team is being received like heads of state, by hundreds of people, with 60-80 people standing in line with gifts to present -- including, so far, three goats! I can see how important our work is for the people of Uganda. When Cassie Nielsen demonstrated the computer to Janet Museveni, the First Lady, she gave Cassie a big hug, and said to me clearly, 'We will talk again.'

So far about eight or ten solar systems have been installed. Everyone is well -- it is a very demanding pace." - Report from Allan Baer

"We are here in the pygmy village and will try to call back from the school if our battery holds out. Everything is going smoothly. We have lots of stories and are working on a report for how solar power can support sustainable development. We have staff from the office of the First Lady (of Uganda) with us, and we are preparing a report for her on the promise of solar energy and the Village Power project. The report should be ready in a few days." - Report from Allan Baer

  • AUGUST 3: Travel to West Ankole, Guest of Bishop Magambo. Various Solar Installations (Ruhinda). (Overnight at McAlister Seminary.)

  • At the Ruhinda schools the American students demonstrated to the staff of Janet Museveni, the First Lady of Uganda, and the Ugandan students how to use the internet and they sent Email to the First Ladies

Antenna is to be located at this end of the Ruhinda school.

"There was a wonderful celebration in Ruhinda where solar equipment is being installed to power a wireless internet connection...." - Report from Allan Baer

  • AUGUST 4: Travel to Kasese, Lunch with Bishop Masereka Travel to Hoima, Guests of Bishops Turumanya & Deogratias. (Overnight Hoima.)

  • AUGUST 5: Install Solar in Schools around Hoima. (Overnight Hoima.)

  • AUGUST 6: Visit Mustard Seed Babies Home. Install School Satellite Link and Power Supply. (Overnight Hoima.)

Technology in the Classroom

"Everyone is well.... It's been raining hard for three days. The roads are difficult and the work has been challenging in the rain." - Report from Allan Baer

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