Village Power 2000
Messages to the First Ladies of Uganda and the United States

TO: First Lady Hillary Clinton
and First Lady Janet Museveni

Attached please find an email message from the students participating in the Village Power 2000 Uganda Youth Mission í99 and from students of the Ruhinda Secondary School. It has been a privilege and an inspiration for SolarQuest™ to serve this mission team.

Respectfully Yours,

Allan E. Baer

First Lady Hillary Clinton
First Lady Janet Museveni

Dear Madams,

I am the representative of the Ruhinda Secondary School. On Behalf of the all the students and the administration at large, I would like to thank you, Mrs. Clinton, very much for the great work that you did connecting our school to the outside world through the Internet. We thank you very much for that great achievement to our school, since we had least expected it.

We are very happy that you in hand with the first lady of Uganda are trying to get the young generation of today to get prepared for the new Millenium, since we are the leaders of tomorrow. Thank you very much for uplifting the rural areas all over Africa, and please keep up that spirit.

Please read the attached email messages and news article that were prepared by our mission team and the students of Ruhinda Secondary School. The messages carry the hope of a brighter future for Uganda thanks to your help.

May God bless you both.

I remain,

Angel Agaba
Ruhinda Secondary School

Meeting the First Lady
By Cassie Nielson

On Friday, July 30, 1999, in Mityana, Uganda, the mission team had the privilege of meeting Janet Museveni, the First Lady of Uganda. She was there for a public ceremony dedicating the Mission. Along with the First Lady were the American Ambassador, many dignataries of both church and state, and a large group of people from the public.

The ceremonies began with the First Lady flipping the switch of the newly installed solar lighting system. Then the scouts sang the Ugandan National Anthem. We were entertained throughout the ceremony with various groups singing and dancing. We listened to a variety of speakers and then finallygot to the First Lady. It was a very inspiritional to hear her speak. I was even surprised to hear how much she spoke about her faith and Christianity, because in the United States there has been a separation of church and state.

After she was done speaking, I had the opportunity to meet her and then type a message for her to send to Hillary Clinton, the first Lady of the USA. (See text below.) Following that we all met in the chapel where she spoke to us and thanked us.

I really enjoyed meeting Mrs. Janet Museveni and think she is a wonderfully kind person. It was truly a privelege.

Cassie Nielson
National Youth Delegate
Presidentís Council for Sustainable Development

To Ugandan and American First Lady,

Dear Madams,

I, Naijuna Caroline, want to thank you very much for what you have done for our school by providing the Internet.

I feel excessively thrilled having received the Internet at school because, first and foremost, communication has become very easy and cheap. We can now send information to various places very far away from here. Despite the fact theat I am a senior and, therefore, with little time, I donít think I will get access to it quite often but all the same, I feel proud of my fellow students who are going to benefit.

Secondly, our relationships are going to be imporved through communication and we shall learn how to use technology machines like typewriters and become as secretaries.

So, for all those reasons I have given, I thank you very much for donating the Internet in Ruhinda Seconday School and please, never give up to contribute more.

May the Lord bless you all. Once again, thank you so much and may God bless you.

Yours faithfully,
Naijuna Caroline
(6A Headgirl)

Dear Mrs. Clinton,

I humbly congradulate you from your usual doings and I wish you well during this time of preparing for the next millenium. I am happy for your American people which has sent us an Internet at our school, which will help us also to develop especially in communications.

Secondly, it will help us Ugandans strengthen our relationship with you the Americans. The Internet will also made up to be advanced in technology.

I wish you all well.


Asiimwe Medard

Dear First Lady Mrs. Janet Museveni and First Lady Hillary Clinton,

I would like to take this great opportunity of sending you warmly greetings and thanking you for what you have done for Ruhinda Secondary School in conjunction with Solar Energy Uganda, Ltd. Not forgetting our great friends from the United States of America. So I really thank you for the good heart and even encourage you to help other students who are in need of light.

Kyarisiima says that the Internet will help her and even other schools to improve on her education through communication with other people form different parts of the world through the Internet. So she appreaciates.

Kawagga Martin Richard

Dear the First Lady,

I really thank you for the opportunity you have given to our school in Ruhinda Secondary School to have given us the lighting system under the group of youths of the United States of America and our fellow youths of Uganda. We are really grateful for your support.

Ruhinda Secondary School will always shine since we shall now have the lights for our reading, watching television, listening to the radio so that we get to know information all over the world.

Bakunda Lucy
Ugandan Youth

Hello Janet Museveni,

How are you and how is work? I am okay and busy with books. I would like to thank you for what you have done to our school, Ruhinda Secondary School, i.e. sending us the Internet solar system. Thank you.

Dear Mrs. Hillary Clinton,

I send my greetings from Uganda where we are on a mission installing solar energy units. I ask that you continue to support this mission and others like it. It is very important that the Ugandans have electricity that they need so much. Thank you and keep our mission in your prayers.

In answer to how the Internet will improve this school, it will improve our studies during prep time. It will help us in communication. It will help us get information that is on television.

Joe Tanner
American Youth

First Lady Hillary Clinton
First Lady Janet Museveni

I would to convey my sincere greetings to the 1st Lady of Uganda, Janet Museveni, and the 1st Lady United States of America and thank them both for the great work they are doing and God bless them.

On how do you think the Internet installation in the school will help, it makes communication with other people easier and will take a shorter time. It will help us find out more about the outside world since it generally gives information about everything like sports, people and things they do.

Atwongire Pellan

First Lady Hillary Clinton
First Lady Janet Museveni

Tank you for the good work you have done to us. Since weíve been using little light it has been impossible to do such things. So I understand that we are to increase on acadenic standard of living. May God add on to what you do here.


Ayesicrye Oliver

Greeting to First Lady Janet Museveni,

Hello how are you doing. I am very excited to write to you. One day I hope to meet you somewhere. I am so pleased you are the First Lady. Greetings from Ruhinda Secondary School.

Greeting to First Lady Hillary Clinton,

Hello Mrs. Clinton. I wish that we could both come good friends. Itís a honor to write. Greeting from Uganda.

James Ssemenda
Mwesigwa Pison

Why do you think the Internet is good:

1. It will help us get information from the USA.
2. Helps you to communicate.
3. I think it will help us with gathering data and also find out many news from countries.
4. People can talk to others email instead of mailing letters.

[student name not given]

The First Ladies of America and Uganda,

I would like to thank you all for the friendship you started and has now extended to us, which I believe is going to develop Uganda.

This Internet brought by the Uganda Youth Mission supported by the Americans both financially and physically is going promote good communication, save money which would be spent traveling to deiver messages, it helps us with technology skills and increases the rate of literacy.

I wish you well and Godís blessings.

Pamela Kere
Byamukuma Richard

First Lady Janet Museveni,

Hello to the First Lady. We have just had this Internet installed at the Ruhinda Secondary School and we have really liked it. For it is going to help us understand more about what is happening outside our country and what is happening within our country. Also, it is going to help us improve on the standards so that we perform better. More still, we are going to get more experience from studying the computer use.

Kyamazima Bethmas

The First Lady of Uganda,

Hello. The First Lady of Uganda, Mrs. Janet Museveni, I warmly greet you and thank you for the development you have out in our area, that is to say the solar internet.

We have been encountering many challenges like the darkness, no communications, the working of comuter has been hindered because of poer.

All those have been some hoe salved. So thank you for that.


Dear First Lady Janet Museveni and First Lady Hillary Clinton,

I, Ikiriza Allan, glad to send my warm greetings both First Ladies of the Rupblic of Uganda and the United States. I forward my highest graditude of getting a computer in our school, which is going to help us more in learning much about technology and improve standards.

Much more, computer leads to easy communication of messages all over the world and improves on high rate of literacy. The Internet itself had made us to create good friends from different parts of the world who have led us to gain many things. And indeed I donít think that were to be illerate again. Have more and more to tackle on, but let me stop here by wishing well in whatever you do.

Ikiriza Allan

Greeting to the First Lady Hillary Clinton,

Iíd like to thank you for your support rendered to this team, especially the morale given to them. Thank you.

The purpose of the Internet is to connect one to the outside world and since Uganda (rural Uganda) is remote, I guess weíll get informed about our environment through the Internet. Thank you so much!

We do appreciate.

Muwange Mariam

Dear First Lady of the USA,

I am glad to have this opportunity to thank you for all that you and your government of the USA has done for Uganda, but on top of this I thank you for this project that has taken off and my school has been chosen. The Internet is good. It will help us interact with the students in the USA and from this we can exchange information and ideas. It really fun having the Internet.

Lastly, once again, I thank you and your governmnet for helping us.

Yours Sincerely,
God bless you.

Ouma Derrick
Ruhinda High School

Dear Mrs. Janet Museveni,

Hope you are doing well at the office. We are very well and happy to see that the group of Americans have set up the Internet at our school which was unexpected.

Why we need an Internet in our school is that its in a remote place were we had no lights for proper study. We need it for easy communication at office work. Its also for scientific purposes like learning more about so as to help in employment of ones future.


Dear Mrs. Museveni and Mrs. Clinton,

Hello. I am in Ruhinda Secondary School in senior 1. I am happy because Iíve seen the Internet and the solar power that have been brought to my school by the USA youth mission.

The Internet is going to help in communication by sending messages to others and we will get to know more about what is going on in the world.

It will improve our technology not only here at school, but in other schools in Uganda. Also, it is going to help us in saving money as we use to send messages hands or pastor.

I wish you well and may God bless you,

Akatwijuka Mercy

To the Most Honorable First Lady,

I am writing this letter to you from Ruhinda Secondary School. This is my first Internet experience and would like to inform you that the Internet will, from my experiences so far, help me greatly in my studies. I also think that it will make our school a much better place to learn. Finally I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to use this wonderful service.

Your most sincere friends,

Ayebare Patience

Dear the First Lady,

I really thank you for the great opportunity you have given to our school Ruhinda Secondary School to have given us the lighting system under the group of youths of United States of America and our fellowís. We are really grateful for your support.

Ruhinda Secondary School always shine since we have lights for our reading watching TV listening to radios so that we may get to know information all over the world.

Twimukye Godwin


First Lady of Uganda;
We send greetings to you and a blessing for you and your family. Your country is beautiful.

First lady of the US Hillary Clinton
I send greetings to you and a blessing for you and your family thanks for all you done to us.

Question: How will the Internet help you?

It will improve the light and communication. Communication has become easy. It will help with employment. I think the Internet is a wonderful opportunity for this school and they will learn so much. They will be able to communicate easier and understand much more.

Patience Ainembabazi
Monica Rhor

To the first Lady of Uganda,

I hereby like to convey my oppreciation to you madam. You are really a great person to many of us. Since you are among the people who are helping us, to get connected to the outside world. The Internet is such a good thing. That is going to improve our communication with many people in the world. We shall also be able to make many friends who can help us.

Arinaa Alsonex


Hay the First Lady. How are you! We are fine and would like to inform you that we are having a nice and fun and interesting experience in Uganda. We installed the Internet in Ruhinda Secondary School. We like it because it will help us learn more about the world and in our studies. We are very grateful for it.

Joseph Ssemanda
Najuna Penlope

Mrs. Hillary Clinton,

I wish you well in your work. I sent this message that to help me in my study.

Almembabazi Jane

Mrs. Janet Museveni,

That you sent this things which are telling you this gift. Thank you very much. May God bless you.

Almembabazi Jane

Dear Hillary Clinton,

Salutations First Lady! Our adventure has been unbelievable. Thank you for supporting our trip, much good has already come from it. From my observations, Internet accessibility will greatly facilitate communication between urban and rural communities as well as close physical distances to an outreached hand. God bless you.

Alexanfra Popoff

Dear Janet Museveni,

Thank you so much for your important support of our cause. It has been an honor to serve in your country . God bless you.

Alexandra Popoff

Dear Hillary Clinton,

I greet you in the name of Christ. Thnak you for sending us slar energy which we will be able to use in our studies. This resource will help our school very much.

Thank you again,

Natukundo Hildah

Dear Janet Museveni,

We thank you for supporting our effort to have solar light and Internet communications. I wish Godís blessings for you. Please know that we students are busy studying.

Yours faithfully,

Natukundo Hildah
Ruhinda Secondary School

Mrs. Hillary Clinton,

I wish to send my greetings to you First Lady Hillary Clinton. I am with much pleasure to send my message to you. Thank you Mrs. Hillary for giving us our needs such as water supply and communications. I hope this alternate will help our school. With those continue with that spirit.

Kemiciard Loyce

Greetings Mrs. Clinton,

Thank you for supporting such a worthwhile mission. We are meeting such beautiful and loving people. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we continue our mission in Uganda.

Sean Jecko

Mrs. Clinton and Mrs. Museveni,

Thank you for supporting us in solar energy. We have benefited so much from this alternate. I hope it will help us to study well and pass exam. The reason why we have been failing exams is we have been lacking lights. We have been using candles. We have never been had computers and telephones at our school. We always communicate through letter. With those thanks for what you have done my loed God bless you and have a happy life.

Jack Ssemanda
Asimwe Docid


Hello First Ladies,

How are you over the work you are doing. We send the greetings to you with those all you have. We have you in our prayers and hope that you are doing the same. So I am inform you that their work was very nice to us as we welcome them a warm welcome. As we like it will help us to learn more about the world and to make our country to develop more.

Tumwine Anthonie


Hello First Ladies,

I think that the Internet will help these children discover a lot more about the world we live in. They will be able to advance the amount of skill that they teach the kids. It will be a wonderful tool for them to use.

Pat Swenson

Dear the First Lady,

I really thank you for the great opportunity you have given our Ruhinda Secondary School to have given us the lighting system under the group of youths of the United States of America and our fellows youth of Uganda. We are grateful for your support. Ruhinda Secondary School will always shine since we shall have the light. It will help development, especially communication. It will help the people of Ruhinda especially studying.

Yours faithfully,

Asnmwe Justus

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